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Referezen zu den Fleischverarbeitungsmaschinen Thailand

Our company SAHA FARMS bought in summer 2011 the equipment for meat processing from the company PSS SVIDNIK, a.s.. It was High Speed Cutter K-120 F, Speed Mixer SM 700 with cooling system N2, Frozen Meat Grinder RMM 160 P and Lifting Device LD 350. We are very happy with all the machines and would like to thank you for supplying us very good working machinery and big support before and after the deal was signed. The machines are good designed for hardest needings in our big factory and of a high level technical solution. It was pleasure to work with you, even though we had some doubts at the beginning. With all respect to your good work, we are looking forward to work with you for the future.

Kind Regards

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Dawn Farm Foods Ltd.
Referezen zu den Fleischverarbeitungsmaschinen Ireland

Subject – Speed Combi Grinder 280

I can confirm we purchased a Speed Combi Grinder SCG280 from Global Food Technology in 2012. We based our purchase on what other equipment was available in the market place at the time and it was apparent that the SCG 280 offered more technological advantages over some of the competitors.
We also visited the facility in Slovakia and we were reassured with the level of technology they can offer and also the engineering design and manufacturing facility are very professionally operated. I would have no hesitation in recommeding PSS equipment for use with you application and if you have any concerns of wish to query anything further please feel free.

Kind Regards,
Dr Kieran Cunningham
Head of Engineering & Services

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U.D. GmbH Dönerproduktion
Referezen zu den Fleischverarbeitungsmaschinen Germany

Reference for frozen meat grinder.

We would like to thank the company PSS SVIDNÍK, a.s. for supplying frozen meat grinder with hydraulic lifting unit, RMM 160 P. This equipment is of a very high technical level and from its introduction into operation, there were no problems with it.

Let us express our satisfaction with your product.
We wish you a lot of success in the future and look forward to further cooperation with you.
We agree with the publication of these references.

Best Regards
Erkan Aslan

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Mondelez Czech Republic s.r.o.
Referezen zu den Fleischverarbeitungsmaschinen Czech republic

Installation of the machine (cutting and mixing cutter K 329 F) was carried out under standard conditions of production facility Opavia. Engineers of PSS also assist in the removal of old equipment (meat cutter + lifting device). That was beyond the scope of their duties and I want to thank them this way.

They also operatively have made changes and adjustments on the machine according to customers requirements. They work is on professional level. This way I want to thank you for possitive approach to work and installation of machine.

Best Regards
investment engineer

Referezen zu den Fleischverarbeitungsmaschinen

NESTLÉ Prievidza
Referezen zu den Fleischverarbeitungsmaschinen Slovakia

Subject: Statements of the technical level of the devices RM 160P and UM 330.

In 2006, we bought a meat processing line from your company, consisting of two pieces of meat grinder with hydraulic lifting device RM 160P and universal mixer UM 330. The device has a high level design and a high level technical solution and fully complies with our requirements. From starting the operation, the equipment did not reveal any serious problems. The device enabled us to increase the quality and quantity of the products, as reflected in the increased demand of our products. We agree with publication of our references list to be communicated with your other clients.

Best Regards
Ing. Radovan Znamenák
technical department

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Referezen zu den Fleischverarbeitungsmaschinen Slovakia

Reference – Satisfaction with the SF 820

In January 2013, we have ordered form your company the Speed Flaker SF 820. The device is technically on high-level what allowed us to improve the quality and quantity of our products. SF 820 fully meet needs and requirements of our production. Hereby, I would like to thank to your staff who participated in the development, manufacture and distribution of the product in order to ensure our satisfaction. We wish you a lot of success in the future and we are looking forward to further cooperation.
We agree with the presentation of our reference letter in communication with your other clients.

Kalanin Branislav

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VINDON d.o.o.
Referezen zu den Fleischverarbeitungsmaschinen Croatia

In 2012 we received from the company PSS SVIDNÍK, a.s. Meat Mixer SM 700 with CO2 cooling and Lifting Device LD 350 for trolleys. Both machines are installed quickly and successfully put into operation by PSS assemblers. In the last 6 months of operation with both machines were working very well. The minor problems that arose, PSS service responded quickly and we received spare parts.

Ivan Bartolic, dipl. ing.
Head of Energy and Technical Services

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Referezen zu den Fleischverarbeitungsmaschinen Russia

Reference to PSS a.s. machines

ZAO Agromjasoprom in October 2003 for the production of sausages bought from PSS a.s. vacuum stuffer U 159 and mixer UM 160. During the three-year operating these machines were rated positively. Machines are suitable, simple and reliable in operation and servicing. Its versatility fully meets the needs of small businesses.

Abramov A.A.

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ALFA BIO s.r.o.
Referezen zu den Fleischverarbeitungsmaschinen Slovakia

In 2008 we from the company PSS SVIDNÍK a.s. purchased microcutter M 1200 and then was been placed in operation. The device is in terms of technical performance, functionality and efficiency in the processing of raw materials at a high level. It is characterized by easy operation and visually pleasant design. Of its using we get the final products of the required quality. M 1200 also meets all requirements for safe and reliable operation.
So we are very happy with this device so far, and until his work did not reveal any significant deficiencies. We would like to say thank you to your company PSS SVIDNÍK a.s. for great cooperation and wish you good luck in your future endeavors. We agree with the presentation of our letter to communicate with your future clients.

Best Regards
Ing. Ján Lunter, company executive

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Dedov D.V.
Referezen zu den Fleischverarbeitungsmaschinen Kazakhstan

Trademark „Dedov“ in behalf of the Director p. Dedov D.V. informs you that the supplied equipment (Smoke Chamber KWU 2 E) was during the operation proved in the best site. Smoke chamber was demonstrated in operation as reliable and simple device. Comfort in serving and unlimited possibilities with minimal loss in heat treatment ensure very high performance and production quality. If we consider above mentioned benefits of your machine against to other producers of this device, we decided to buy from you one more smoke chamber. We would like thanks to collective PSS Company and look forward to another successful and effective cooperation.


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Vlado Baltuonio úkininko úkis
Referezen zu den Fleischverarbeitungsmaschinen Latvia

Our company „Kalakutu Ferma“ in 2005 bought tumbler MM 700, manufactured by PSS, a.s. (Slovakia).
During operation incurred no comments related to tumblers work. Meat is well absorbed dilution. Equipment is complies with our production in all aspects.
Therefore, if arises question of the buying additional machines, we will consider offers from the PSS, a.s.

Vladas Baltuonis

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Vitana a.s.
Referezen zu den Fleischverarbeitungsmaschinen Czech republic

In January 2012 we bought on the tender base from PSS SVIDNÍK, a.s. Universal mixer UM 500 P. We bought equipment due to replacement of obsolete equipment. Mixer meets all of the required parameters, is equipped with a simple lifting device, frequency converter and with a control panel which allows set various mixing programs. All of mentioned supplements as mixer design provide quality, reliable and comfortable production. In addition, we with the new equipment increased productivity, minimize maintenance costs and secure the high hygiene work.

Best Regards
Ing. Jan Zámečník
Head of Technical Department

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„MATTHIAS“ Sp. z.o.o.
Referezen zu den Fleischverarbeitungsmaschinen Poland

We confirm that our company is an user of the Microcutter M 1200, which was manufactured by PSS SVIDNÍK, a.s.
We bought the Microcutter in 2001. It has been operating without any major malfunctions since that time. We use it mainly at production of skin emulsions and it perfoms its function well.

Kolonia Zamek 28.07.2010

Andrzej Banasik
Production Manager

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Púchovský mäsový priemysel, a.s.
Referezen zu den Fleischverarbeitungsmaschinen Slovakia

Púchov, 25.05.2007

Subject: Reference to Tumbler MM 2000

In 2001, we assign order to the company PSS, a.s. Svidník to manufacture a device which is used for massaging and salting meat. Delivered device Tumbler MM 2000 was made in the required quality and in agreed deadline. All our requirements for this equipment have been fulfilled, and the final result corresponds with our ideas.
We agree with the presentation of our reference list to communicate with your other clients.

Best Regards
Ing. Jozef Ondricha

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Referezen zu den Fleischverarbeitungsmaschinen Belarus

Dear Leadership of PSS Svidnik!
ZAO MARISEJ, Minsk, Belarus expresses thanks to employees of your company, who participated in the preparation of contracts for delivery of the cutter K 120F and its production. And also for the operational launching of equipment in our service.
We hope for future cooperation in the purchase of your equipment.

With regards
Director Kuksik I.S.

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Referezen zu den Fleischverarbeitungsmaschinen Czech republic

In April 2008, we purchased under the tender meat grinder type RM 160 P made by PSS, a.s. In the tender for purchasing grinder, we compared several parameters as for example price, performance and technical parameters, cost of spare parts, delivery time, warranty and service conditions. In all of these parameters has been the best grinder made by PSS, a.s., type RM 160 P.
The machine was delivered and installed under agreed terms and conditions. During the operation, from April 2008 to this day, grinder worked without defects and did not show necessity to exchange any parts or servicing.
In total I evaluate this equipment as a great machine complying with our requirements.

Ing. Petr Makovička, Technical Deputy