Colleague stories

PSS-Eugen Babenko

Eugen Babenko – Engineer

(with the company for 7 months)

When looking for a new job and considering the place of employment I sent my application also to PSS SVIDNÍK, a.s.
I wanted to start something new and I responded to several offers by various companies, but PSS SVIDNÍK, a.s. was different thanks to its atmosphere and good communication. I felt they were interested in me and that I was needed at the company.

I have worked for the company since January 2019 as an engineer and I have cooperated on six projects so far. I can work in 3D program and create 3D machine and device models. A new information system has been recently put in place that facilitates the work and eliminates faults or problems in following production. I can see every designed product at the workshop, its production and completion, and it is also very interesting.

What I appreciate about the company is that colleagues are willing to help and also the feeling that I may further improve at the company.


Dominik Ilek – Head of Product Engineering

(with the company for 11 months)

My objective was to work with people and lead them, and with this company I could do it. I have had a chance to use my potential in implementing the new information system and make a difference in product engineering and production.

The team at the company is good, we get on well with and help each other. I like the way managers treat us and also subordinates respect their superiors.


Pavol Karkula – CNC Programmer

(with the company for 4.5 years)

While still at university, I had a chance to start working with PSS SVIDNÍK, a.s. exactly in the field I studied. The company is one the few in the region that is able to make use of knowledge in programming for CNC technology. Since purchased production equipment is getting smarter and technology is advancing, I can improve my skills an learn new things.

I like working with technologies so I am happy that currently, the company invests in other new CNC equipment which will make production process even more efficient.
The attention is given also to the financial policy and it is obvious that the company works in this field as well and wants to meet the needs of its employees. In general, the approach of the management and colleagues is on high level.

Moreover, the management supports sport activities. An indoor swimming pool and a gym are available for our employees to spend their free time.

This year I will complete my university studies. I can draw up my Thesis directly at the company I work for and wish to work for in future.


Michal Duda – Administrator of Estate

(with the company for 4 years)

As a gradate I started to work for the company for experience and knowledge at the production plant. I was looking for a stable job close to the place where I live. Moreover, I found the profile of the company interesting.

The company is organized very well and everybody knows what they are supposed to do. We have an overview of activities and communication and the guidelines in place help us observe the internal system. And there is a family atmosphere.

Personal development and improvement in qualifications are also considered at the company. Currently, I take English language course.


Dávid Draganovský – Head of Division 4 – Production

(with the company for 6 years)

As an unexperienced graduate without any work experience I had a chance to work for the company as a safety officer.

At the same time, production process was interesting for me. So I decided to manage the implementation of our orders. At our company, production is large, we manufacture single machines as well as machinery units, and this is very interesting. Production environment is clean, staff is provided with clothes, necessary tools and personal protective equipment. We always buy new technical equipment, and a new camera system has recently been put in place at production premises which is great.

As a head of production I can create and contribute to something with the visible result. I appreciate the trust that has been put in me, and a chance to manage production process. It is a very responsible position which goes hand in hand with stress.

It is not only experience and years in service that are taken into account at the company but how willing the person is. And this is what helps to move up.


Buraľová Ivana – Quality Manager

(with the company for 2 years)

As I have experienced various positions in production or at the warehouse abroad, I wanted to get a job where I could make use of my school knowledge and experience gained abroad.

I graduated at the field of material science and engineering and PSS SVIDNÍK, a.s. was a stable engineering company in Svidník where I could use what I learned. These we the main reasons why I decided to work for this company. Moreover, I do not have to commute to work and get stuck in traffic any more.
The company has rich history, and young but experienced team. It offers creative and stimulating environment with friendly atmosphere.

For me, production program and delivery of products to different countries in the world are very interesting. In addition, we are constantly working to innovate our broad scoped work program.

We hold certificates proving that we comply with criteria of not only European but also American or Chinese technical standards ensuring we can export and expand to these markets.


Leňo Miroslav – Head of Meat Machine Designing

(with the company for 3.5 years)

At the beginning, when I studied at the technical university, I had a chance to start working as a designer without any experience. The company helped me to complete my engineering degree in part time courses.

The company gives students and young people opportunity to gain experience and earn money, which is also my case. We can further our education, and at present, I take English course. I have a chance to improve my skills in this language because I communicate with customers and contractors from America, Russia or Germany.

As a designer I continuously improved my skills either in 3D modeling or in production process. Every year, the company buys a new version of Inventor, so I always learn something new.

I also appreciate the ethics and serious approach of the company.


Boch Roman – designer engineer at the brewery department

(with the company for 10 years)

When I finished my university I was approached by several Slovak companies. Company PSS SVIDNÍK, a.s. responded first.

Its production program and the position of designer appealed to me and then I decided to work for this company.

It is not only designing but also manufacturing company, which is a huge advantage. I can actually see every product I construct. What I draw in the drawing is reflected in practice.

Plus, we are trained every year on newer versions of Inventor. In addition, I got the International Welding Engineer certificate in 2013.

During my time in the company I have had the opportunity to improve my skills in AutoCad and Inventor program, develop my knowledge, work on many projects, travel and participate in foreign exhibitions.