Meeting of commercial representatives of PSS SVIDNÍK, a.s.

18. May 2018

In April this year, specifically from 09.04. to 11.04.2018 , PSS SVIDNÍK, a.s. organized a professional seminar for its commercial representatives. The topic of the seminar was the presentation and demonstration of individual meat-processing machines from the range the company offers.

The event was attended by 18 representatives from Russia, Ukraine, England, Finland, Thailand, Moldova, Belarus and South Africa. The seminar took place at the PSS SVIDNÍK, a.s. site and it was led by internal employees and an external consultant who had been directly involved in the development of these machines. During three intensive days, the participants became familiar with the production area of the firm, and in particular, they had the opportunity to become familiar with the design of machines, data about them and the overall advantages of operating them. The following were presented, either in the form of a lecture or through functional demonstrations: PSS SCG speed combi grinders, SFV speed vacuum fillers, vacuum cutters, mixers and PSS SM speed mixers. The participants in the event also presented PSS SVIDNÍK’s technology for producing minced meat and salami products and solutions.

After recording positive feedback on the training provided, the management has decided to organize more training in the near future. The whole event can be seen in our photo documentation. If you are interested in attending the seminar, please contact us.