EUROTECH Micro: 6-vessel brewhouse

EUROTECH Micro brewhouse is a compact, universal stainless steel system for brewing all types of beer, from light to lager.

6 - vessel system

EUROTECH Micro: 6-nádobová varňa

The brewhouse assembly consists of six main vessels,a frame, staircase, service platform, railing, control panel, wort cooler as well as mash, wort, cold and hot water pumps. Different technological parts of the brewhouse are linked by stainless steel piping and all the necessary valves, servo drives, flow meters, safety valves, sight glasses, lighting, etc. The system enables both infusion and decoction brewing methods; it is intended for demanding customers and for industrial beer making.

Brewhouse – Mash tun

This is used for mash mixing and mashing processes supported by mash stirrer.

Brewhouse – Lauter tun

This is used for the gravitational lautering of mash and malt wort extraction. The tun is equipped with rake arms with speed adjustment and reverse running features.

Brewhouse – Kettle

This is used for the wort boiling process.

Brewhouse – Whirlpool

This is used for separation of sediments from wort.

Brewhouse – Hot water tank

This is used for the preparation of hot water for the boiling process and collection of heated water from the wort cooler.

Brewhouse – Cold water tank

This is used for the preparation of cold water for the wort cooling process preceding wort conveyance to fermentation tanks.

Minimal Ceiling Height / mm3 9004 2004 4005 400
Dimension A – Width / mm8 1008 5009 00010 600
Dimension B – Depth / mm5 5006 1006 5007 600
Dimension C – Height / mm3 4503 8004 0005 000
Weight of Empty Brewhouse / (kg)12 00014 30015 70017 200
Weight of Full Brewhouse / (kg)37 70048 30056 60078 100
Net Capacity of Mash Tun / (HL)33475775
Net Capacity of Lauter Tun / (HL)33475775
Net Capacity of Wort Kettle / (HL)39556688
Net Capacity of Whirlpool / (HL)36516182
Net Capacity of Hot Water Tank / (HL)587084160
Net Capacity of Cold Water Tank / (HL)587084160
Cold Wort Volume per Brew / (L)3 5005 0006 0008 000

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