Hop tang is an equipment for dry hopping of beer – adding of hop extract to finalize beer after brewing and fermentation process.

Dry hopping does not increase the bitterness of beer, while supporting hop aroma. Effective extraction of hops reduce the consumption of hops. This device is very simple to use and can be easily integrated into existing beer fermentation and bottling compartment.

The hop pellets are batching by hand through the top manhole. After that the manhole is closed. The beer is brought by stainless steel centrifugal pump through the side jets into the tank. As a beer flowing, hop pellets are dissolved by the kinetic energy and beer is enriched by hop and returning to the fermentation tank through the inside horizontal filter. The hop residues are captured on the outer side of the filter. For visual check the hop tang is equipped with sight glass. The device is portable on the wheels. After usage, the equipment needs to be disassembled and cleaned from the hop residues and then sanitize with CIP device.

* TANG = taste or smell that is pleasantly strong or sharp

Hop Tang