Tapping beer tank

It is a horizontal, cylindrical vessel used for beer tapping. This tank may have an independent cooling system or it may be placed in a cold room. A plastic bag is put inside the tank to hold beer. Beer tapping is facilitated by air pressure on the bag. Standard tank capacities are 500 L and 1000 L.

Benefits of this tank:

  • Beer does not come into contact with air
  • Possibility to draught non-pasteurized beer, i.e. a 100% natural product
  • Tedious KEG handling is eliminated

Beer tanks can also be supplied in vertical version with a copper jacket that, combined with hand embossed ornamental cupolas, adds tasteful decoration to bars and restaurants.

TypeHorizontal, cylindrical, pressurised
MaterialAISI 304 Stainless steel
Surface Finish2B – cold-rolled, annealed, pickled
Front BottomDomed
Back BottomDomed
Tank SupportFrame with legs
Vessel Pressure3 bar
Rated Pressure4,5 bar
Maximum Operating Temperature20 °C
Minimum Operating Temperature5 °C
Beer Intake and DischargeDN 40 with DN 32 valve – under front bottom
Inspection Opening440 x 310. Oval shape on front bottom
Pressure Safety ValveDN 25
ValveDN 32
Sight GlassDDN 65, 2 pcs
Air Fittings with ManometerFitted on tank’s front side
CertificationSlovak Technical Inspection
Fermentačný tank
Fermentačný tank