Water treatment unit

1 – Fine filter
2 – Semi-automatic water treatment unit
3 – Brine container
4 – Supply tank
5 – Untreated water intake
6 – Treated water to steam generator
7 – Circulating system condensate
8 – Venting

Description: The fine filter (1) traps tiny impurities present in untreated water. Then, water is softened in the treatment unit (2) by means of the ion exchange process based on sodium chloride regeneration. In the cation (resin) exchanger environment, calcium and magnesium cations (which cause the scale formation due to technological processes) are removed from water and replaced by sodium ions. The cation exchanger is regenerated by sodium chloride applied from a plastic brine container (3).

Úpravovňa vody
Úpravovňa vody