We are writing the story of quality meat processing machines from Slovakia

In 2012, the company PSS SVIDNÍK, a. s. supplied Speed Combi Grinder SCG 280 for frozen meat blocks to the company Dawn Farm Foods Ltd. This company is one of the leading suppliers of cooked and fermented meat products in Ireland with a long tradition.

The customer referred himself to our dealer with a request for finding a company that could offer them a machine they were looking for at that time. They needed a machine with adequate performance and capacity for cutting large blocks of frozen beef meat.

After introducing PSS SVIDNÍK, a. s. and its wide range of products, the customer decided for our company. They were convinced with technological advantages of the machine mentioned, the company´s good reputation on the global market along with references provided.

The representatives of the customer´s company visited the production hall of PSS SVIDNÍK, a.s. in order to acquaint themselves with the machine better. Functional testing of the machine with raw material being processed by the customer regularly was performed several times. Thus, the customer could see by himself that SCG 280 can handle more demanding processing and it will meet all his requirements. After successful installation of the machine and its commisssioning, the customer was trained and informed about the basic rules for the machine usage properly. Valuable advice about handling with moving parts of the machine for safe and troublefree operation has been provided, too.

According to the customer, our SCG 280 grinder is used on the daily basis with maximum satisfaction. The machine proved good to the customer who has positive experiences with the machine. „We are satisfied with the machine design as well as with the production facility that operates at the very professional level“, said the customer.

Even in this case, the objective of PSS SVIDNÍK, a.s. was reaching the customer´s maximum satisfaction with the product supplied but also with the services provided. Fast and quality delivery of the machine that helps the customer progressing and achieve his goals were ensured because of the professional, serious and flexible approach.


PSS SCG 280 Video