St. Nicholas day 2019

11. December 2019

Also this year we decided to continue a nice tradition for our little ones.
On St. Nicholas Day we organized an event for employees, their children and families. The event took place on December 4 at our company premises.

The right pre-Christmas mood was created by the light decoration placed at the entrance to the company. Children, as attentive observers, did not miss other decorations and attractions, mainly prepared for them.

Children, however, most liked the theatrical performance based on the story of Maria Ďuríčková’s “Danka and Janka” – a dramatic fairy-tale with songs performed by professional actors. The children took part in the story and showed their enthusiasm with their laughter and answers.

And finally the best … Nicholas with packages! – the genuine joy of the children filled the room and the children flocked to Nicholas, so that he might not forget some of them. Nicholas, of course, had a lot of questions for children: “Did you listen?”, “Did you have good grades in school?” … luckily everything went well and every child eventually held the package in their hands.

The photographer, who was still close, blinked up – down and immortalized these moments for each.